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        10公里的慈善行活動 為貧困女孩/婦女第一份工作助力


        “在過去的兩年中,SCIE的員工、學生、家長和朋友們參加了10公里的慈善行活動,為Captivating International以及他們為幫助那些不能得到教育的中國女性而做出的的出色工作籌集資金。在20183月,我們籌集了11萬元人民幣,幫助支持了Seng Girl職業教育項目的6名女生每人長達3年的資助。這包括他們的教育,食物,住宿,衣服,學習材料等。各方的的慷慨給予了這些女孩擁有未來的機會。



        我們真誠地希望大家和自己的朋友們能來支持這個活動,幫助更多的年輕女性擁有未來。”所有參加的深國交學生將獲得4小時的社區服務時間和40分的GCA。財務處(302室)收到款項后會開收據給您。請將收據和下面的家長告知書一起交給助理教導院長Gary Ellis206室)。活動可通過助理教導院長Gary Ellis提供的信件附件中的微信二維碼付款報名,在附言中寫上學生的學號信息。


        10 km Sponsored Walk on 30/3/2019 in aid of the ‘My First Job Programme’, and Captivating International.

        Dear All,

        The second, of what we hope will be an annual sponsored walk event will take place on Saturday 30/3/2019. The route is approximately 10 km in length and will start and finish at SCIE . 

        All funding raised from this event will support the ‘My First Job Programme’ and Captivating International. We have a long and growing association with Captivating and the many support projects that they have throughout China. The cost for one individual to enter the Sponsored Walk will be 200 RMB payable to the SCIE Finance Office on the third floor Room 302. The cost will include an event T Shirt.  Upon payment you will receive a receipt from the Finance Department. This should then be given to Gary in Room 206 along with your reply slip details, which is attached at the bottom of this letter. All money, after basic costs, will be given to Captivating International. 

        All SCIE participants will be given 4 hours community Service and 40 GCA points for taking part in this event. We need to raise over 82,000 RMB to allow us to continue to sponsor 12 young Women on the ‘My First Job Programme’ so anyone we can get involved on the day, or any sponsorship from parental companies, now matter how small will be gratefully acknowledged and help support the fantastic work that Captivating International does on behalf of these girls. If you would like to pay by wechat please do so on the payment QR Code given below. Please give your student ID number when doing so.

        We will meet in the Table Tennis Rooms at 08.30 on the day to register and the walk will commence at 09.00. It is expected that most people will complete the walk within 2 – 3 hours. Staff will also be acting as marshal’s at various points throughout the walk to ensure participant safety and we will have an emergency vehicle available in case of any strains or minor injury.  The deadline for registration is Friday 22/3/2019 at 15.30.



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